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Cupcake Wars!

Wow! Talk about creativity!

If you have never watched cupcake wars, you’ve been missing out on a really creative bunch of people who shine in the face of incredible adversity.

I just love the show all the time, but right now they are doing a battle of former winners for a $50,000 prize and the bragging rights to being the overall CHAMPION!

The take-away I get from this show is not only that baking is an extremely creative endeavor, but the drive to excel, succeed, and express one’s self is very similar to that of an artist. Well, duh! These cupcake creators ARE artists, just using a different medium.

But add to that the element of doing your creating under extremely stressful circumstances and the possibility of an epic fail in front of a nation-wide audience.

Well, I’m impressed. And it makes all my little worries seem so small in comparison.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Been looking at a lot of cupcake art; have a friend who is a creative baker; cupcakes are just so doable, portable and edible! Gotta luv’m!

    • I have to admire them from afar…Cake is one of those things I can’t have a bite of and be happy, but it sure is fun to hear all the amazing combinations!



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