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If you build it…

Life is such a frustrating mix of ups and downs, starts and stops, mixed signals, and confusing messages.

And trying to determine if starting a creative business is doable is just like life.

I started off on this creative journey with no real plan. I just wanted to see what would happen. If any doors would open, if a clear direction would present itself. Somewhere along the line, the idea of selling my work again began to appeal to me.

But every time I think I have a plan, it turns out to be a dead end.

My jewelry line went nowhere, and now my mixed media art seems to be following suit. I can’t seem to find my audience. This is new territory for me!

When I had my store, I had an instant audience. My customers could see and touch everything, and most often, whatever I put out, sold. Now, having to rely on photographs, I have no idea if my lack of sales means my stuff just isn’t what people are looking for, or, the method of reaching people, isn’t reaching the people who would appreciate my work. Or, it’s possible it just isn’t any good! Hahahaha! I just wish I knew.

Now I fully admit, I have not gone beating the bushes for customers. I haven’t done any shows, I haven’t approached any stores about carrying my work. I was hoping that with internet sales, I would not have to do that. It’s just not my strong suit.

Creative journeys are seldom without  their challenges and that is what I’m facing now. I am feeling discouraged, but, it IS part of the journey, so if I’m going to “keep it real” I need to share that with you, as well as all the cool stuff.

I have no answers yet. I love mixed media. I love making art. And I REALLY would like to sell it (as opposed to having it stacking up around here!) But I have yet to figure out if I have it in me to put in the work it looks like it will take to make it happen. I sorta thought this was like “If you build it, they will come.” Doesn’t look like it’s true in my case!

I may end up deciding that being creative for my family may be the direction I need to go. Maybe there is a way to use my mixed media interest in my scrapbooking. I don’t know! (picture me whining…)

Any way, I’ll keep you posted as my crazy life unfolds. I promised it would be a wild ride!

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Just keep at in Janet…don’t give up! I believe in you …you no doubt have talent…don’t ever doubt yourself!!

  2. I think we all go through ebs and flows, and sometimes there isn’t always a magic answer, and that can be discouraging. But I strongly believe that if you are doing what you love doing, and sharing your inspiration with others, then what have you got to loose? You are extremely talented and I find you to be such an inspiration Janet, and I believe in you! XO

    • Thanks, Susan! I really hate being whiny, but sometimes the frustration peaks through. I really appreciate your support, and the confidence you have in me. xo


  3. Janet, sometimes when you write I think you are my copywriter! Perhaps we are just traveling down a similar road. Although I’ve never had my own store I too am trying to find my way through this maze of internet art sales. I know how you feel about wanting to share your work ( and sell your work) but finding that just right client is difficult online. But keep going… it fills your heart and that is what fuels our creativity! And thanks for sharing your stories, I’m glad to see I’m not alone!

  4. I know I’m going to continue painting, but trying to find ways of selling it is really challenging. And I know there’s a market for our art, we just have to keep at it and also hope the economy opens up so more people will want to buy our art.

  5. Have you taken a look at Michelle Ward at I am not sure if it is the sort of coaching you are looking for but I thought I would mention it.

  6. I am of the cloth that a “watched pot never boils”. I try not to force my intentions on the Universe, just keep moving and see what happens…..Like gardening….my art is growing, needs fertilizer and time…..

    • Which would be great if I was a patient woman… =[ I really don’t even know why this is coming up as an issue for me right now because I’m in the thick of my internship and can’t really do anything about it right now. Although, come to think about it, I need to have my act together before the e-zine comes out, because of the potential for some exposure that I may never have again…



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