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As Close As I Come To Just “Being”

We spent the morning on a little hike from up above Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe to Eagle Falls – not glorious falls like in Yellowstone, but nice. The trail was very well kept and had tons of places for Hannah to do a little rock climbing, but not too steep for Bea.

Once again I took a ton of pictures. I have to laugh at the things that catch my eye, but that’s okay…I take them more for me than anyone, and I like my goofy subjects.

I’m getting better at candid shots. The family seems less put-upon when I’m catching them from a distance and they don’t have to “smile pretty.”

But sometimes, you just have to pose.

It was fun to just sit and enjoy the family…

Even Mr. Tattered and I had a few sweet moments…

If I had been by myself, I would have sat on a high rock and had a good think, but alone time isn’t something I have much of. So, I dilly-dallied as best I could, took a lot of pictures, and came as close as I could to just “being.”

Hmmm. Just being. I think I might like to try it sometime.

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  1. I’ve heard a lot about Lake Tahoe. Very beautiful place and beautiful family!

  2. Oh So beautiful, Janet! I love the candid shot of the two girls near the water holding the stick–so precious. I was instantly drawn in by your blog title because I don’t picture you to “just be” too often! Thanks for sharing this sweet trip with your family.


    • Yeah, I think I was hallucinating when I suggested I might try it. In theory it sounds good, but the reality is not in concert with how I “am.” It might be too big of a stretch.


  3. Beautiful. You are very blessed.


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