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A Little Play Time!

We took a day off to play today!

The State Fair is drawing to a close, and the weather was cooler, so we decided to go.

It was a wonderful day, full of great memories.

I’m going to let the photos tell the story!

…and so much more. Yeah, great times!

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  1. Cute pics, Mom, thanks for sharing. We had a really fun time with you and Dad today!

  2. Those are great!!!! Andra that corn looks yummy!!!!!
    The girls are beaming, so is Gaga!!!! Da-w looks tired!!!

  3. Play time is always better with our grandkids, without a doubt!

  4. You are such a fantastic family photo-journalist, Janet. Your Family should be soooo thankful….

    • I think they are…except Hannah, and she doesn’t mind candids, she just hates having to look at the camera! Some day, she’ll even be glad. Although, every time I take a picture of Bea, who is still a ham, Hannah wants to know why I’m not taking hers, so I think her objections are mostly for show!



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