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Now THIS is What Crazy Looks Like!

I am going in so many directions right now!

I am making a concerted effort to finish up a bunch of projects, and since “out of sight is out of mind” for me, I have to keep them all out where I can see them.

Fortunately, the biggest project is on the computer, so IT doesn’t take up much space, but the rest? Oh, my!

I am still working on my own decks for the Inspiration Deck project – I SHOULD be done, but I succumbed to the temptation to finish off the backs, so they are back out on the table, along with the bin of cards that have been sent in.

I have three separate scrapbook projects going (yes, Meegan! your album is one of them!) a LONG overdue wedding album, a Yellowstone album, and a Disneyland album, and that’s not even counting just regular day to day photos!



Then there are the canvases for Bea’s new bedroom (she just gave up her toddler bed and is in a big girl bed, so Mama is redecorating!) I’m taking the existing canvases that don’t match and am painting new ones to match her “hoo hoo” (owl) theme with butterflies and bees thrown in for good measure!

And these are just the projects that are on the FRONT burner! You don’t even want to know about the ones stacked up behind them! OR the ones that are still in my head and just aching to get out!

I’ll keep you posted.

What does YOUR crazy look like?

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  1. Artsy painting on canvases and watercolor paper, I still have a custom watercolor painting for a customer to do, I have approximately 3-4 pieces of furniture in the cottage I want to paint and make beautiful and I have tons of sewing for the cottage, as in throw pillows and seat cushions; and the list goes on and on. Oh, then I have to start on the Aug. ATC’s and shortly after that WE’LL be taking the Brave Girl Art School class. Whew, tired already!

  2. Ooh, I have all kinds of crazy going on at my house…and in my head, and on paper, and on my computer…and its kinda taking over, so much so that I don’t get anything done anymore.
    Did I mention that my new semester of studying also started this month? So there’s that too 😉 Have fun finishing stuff and keep going strong!

  3. I have been sorting out my creative life, box by box; apportioning things to needed charities, and honing my efforts so I can succeed instead of secede!!! A few friends are to come by this week, giving me more impetus to weed my creative garden, and give away more things to someone else who can use it. I am so into Jewelry Design that I have decided to get these other elephants off my back. My garden is also calling me; and I have Way Too Many Recipes I xeroxed to either file or scan. I am also trying to blow up and frame a whole decade of travel photos (teak frames I bought 3 yrs ago sitting here)….and my printer just died. Got a new one that is supposed to be The Best for photos; just have to clean my desk so I can hook it up! Luckily, it is 96 degrees outside and 96% humidity; After taking 2 huge loads to donate today, I hung inside the A/C…..Is that crazy or what?????

  4. Wow, Janet, I can’t believe you are doing all this right now! What time do you go to bed at night? Well, I’m glad you are such a go-getter because then we all get a wonderful set of inspiration decks from you – can’t wait for this! I guess your insanity is producing beauty so it’s okay!


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