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Sweet Summertime

Woohoo! I got into the studio for a bit this evening!

I didn’t have time to tackle a canvas – there just wasn’t time, but I was able to do my July ATCs. I was afraid I didn’t even have enough time to complete them, but everything clicked.  I was able to do them from start to finish, from coming up with the idea to the finish work in just a couple of hours, and it felt AMAZING! Our theme this month was “Sweet Summertime” and what could be a sweeter part of summer than s’mores?

It was my reward to myself for keeping my nose to the grindstone and doing what I was SUPPOSED to do this afternoon.

But I really need to stop looking at my art time as a reward. It needs to become just a given in my day, whether I’ve been productive or not. I think at this point in my life, I deserve it! So, I penciled in some time for tomorrow…we’ll see if it happens!

We had company from home for a short time yesterday, so in anticipation of their visit, I frantically cleaned up all my overflow messes. The dining room table had housed all the inspirations decks as they came in, so we hadn’t seen it in weeks!  Pretty sad when you feel compelled to take a picture of your clean table! Ha! Thought I’d show it to you …it won’t look so nice for long! I’m in the process of collecting up vintage doilies to make a long runner. I’m almost there! Just a few more.

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  1. Love your artwork and it’s nice to hear you want to make creativity more a priority in your life. Yes we are deserving of this time I say. 🙂
    Do you do house calls? It seems that I have my share of piles that need de-cluttering too. Have a lovely weekend… enjoy your time being creative.

  2. It’s funny- I do the same thing. Art is my reward if I get everything done. I never thought of it that way, but that is exactly what I do. Unless I am frantically trying to get my ATCs done 😉 Now that you pointed this out, I am going to re-think that methodology! Thanks Janet!

    • Then I put so much on my list there’s no way I’d ever get it done, so I am effectively sabotaging myself from ever being able to “art.”


  3. Can’t show a picture of my dining room… I have paintings stacked all over it! But I am curious about the ATC’s you mentioned that you had to do for the month. Is is part of a group that you share them with? I enjoy painting them also, fun to do in a quick timeframe.
    Smores bring back such summer fun, don’t they!

    • Yes, the girls who took the 2011 Flying lessons from KRR have a sub-group for monthly ATC swaps. It’s a blast.


      • OMG- I’m going to be taking her e-course that starts in Sept. What a small world this is. How did you enjoy the class?

      • It was the best thing I EVER did for myself! I am now doing an unpaid internship with her, putting together an e-zine of past flyers and their success stories. I have a bit of a girl crush on her! You will LOVE it!


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