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Don’t Believe Everything You think…

I would imagine there are some who consider that “think” and “believe” are basically synonyms, and although they are close, there is a nuanced difference; that being the degree of certainty of the truth of whatever it is you think or believe. “Think” is much more casual than “believe” and does not require as much depth of feeling.

One can think something and change your mind quickly, upon review, especially if you are shown facts to the contrary. Believing something is much more ingrained, and less apt to be reconsidered, sometimes even when shown a logical reason to do so.

“Don’t believe everything you think” is one of my (many) favorite sayings! And it is very good advice.

Take, for example, my thought that I was not accomplishing enough. I thought it, and when evidence to the contrary was produced (from many different sources!) I was able to mull it over and change my mind  regain my senses. Had I BELIEVED it, that change in position would not have come so quickly, if at all.

Thank goodness, today I woke with a whole new attitude, ready to take on the world. I pared down my to do list into a manageable number of items (no point in sabotaging myself!) putting the remaining tasks on a “to do later” list – so as not to forget, but get them out of the forefront of my mind for the moment.

As of this writing, they still aren’t completely done, but I’m close, and the night is still young (ish!) But I’m okay with that. It was not a sissy list (just not as overwhelming as my usual lists!) and I feel good about where I am.

So, one day does not a complete turnaround make, but it’s an improvement, and for now that’s enough. I am trying to take your advice and be kind to myself. I am whispering sweet nothings into my ears, patting myself on the back, and voicing admiration for my perseverance. I am giving myself props for every small task completed, and taking moments throughout the day to do something I WANT to do, not just the need to do things. Thankfully, I don’t believe everything I think!

Again I need to thank you for having my back when I didn’t. I owe ya one (or two!)

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. This is what I “believe”, too, Janet. I am learning to identify what I am thinking (too often I am on autopilot responding to my thoughts without analyzing them for truth). When I slow down and take the time to do this, it is actually helping to change the way I think, because unfortunately many of the things I thought, I believed and that leads me down the wrong path every time, when those thoughts are not true. (I am sure there is a more direct way to say what I just said, but hopefully you get the point!)

  2. I like your idea of a “to do later” list, Janet. I too, sabotage myself by making lists that are impossible to complete in the time allotted. I am sorry you’ve been experiencing self-doubt, but so glad you put it out there for the rest of us who are struggling with our goals. I think you’re amazing. And now, I’m off…to tackle my list!

  3. So glad you got your Mojo back; we need you….come on!


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