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Re-thinking Things

Last night I posted about my frustration at not accomplishing enough, of coming up short on my expectations for myself. And tonight was supposed to be my diagnosis, followed by my plan for kicking myself in the behind tomorrow night.

BUT, I got so much support, so many comments (here and on Facebook, and by e-mail) that contradicted my views – pointed out how much I actually do. I was overwhelmed, and agreed to give some thought to your views, to consider that I might not have been seeing things as they are.

The night before as I was disparaging myself, and trying to figure out how I got myself into this situation, it occurred to me that I might have “short-timer’s disease.” Now I’m not working, so I’m not getting ready to retire, but I’m getting old. I’m wondering if I’m just slowing down, giving up on the idea that I might have anything big left in me, and even if I SHOULD try to accomplish anything big at this stage of my life?

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on how others see me, I’m thinking maybe I’m just tired right now, and truly am being too hard on myself. So rather than do a follow-up post tomorrow on how I’m going to kick myself in the booty and step up my game (as I had PLANNED to do) I am going to accept that I have to be gentle with myself, allow myself whatever time I need to rest, and then practice appreciating myself for all I do!

Thank you for your support and for showing me how badly I misinterpreted what was going on!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Glad to read you’ve come to your senses ;-)) To me, you sound a lot like you need a break – badly. Maybe enriched with a bit of that good old trick “write down every night what you got done” and “what are you thankful for today?”. And I bet you are not the one who does not want to achieve something, just sit on her couch and “be”. Not you, my dear 😉 and that is fine! We all love you for your energy – but even you may need a refill. So go, take that BREAK !! We’ll all be here when you come back re-energized (and do you remember who wrote something similar to me???? Hmmm ???)
    big hug,

    • Thank you, Frauke! Don’t you just love it when your words get parroted back to you! I DO remember, but only now that you reminded me! Gratitude is not my issue. I used to write things down so often I ran out of things to be grateful for! Heeheehee! What I DO need to do is start keeping track of what I DO for awhile. I’ve done it before, and it made me a bit dizzy seeing it all in one place, but it’s been awhile. Time to start back up, I think. And I really could use some down time – I’m so looking forward to the retreat in September!


  2. You are way too hard on yourself, Janet! Lighten up, chill out and I agree with Frauke about doing a gratitute list every evening for that day. I did that for years and it really helps you put things into perspective. Just remember that I’m older than you and I’ve just adjusted myself and my thinking. Yes, I’m slowing down but that just means I do as I can, rest and then do more. Nothing wrong with that. So glad that all of us had a big impact on your thinking.

  3. Get naked and eat a mango, or two, and let them drip all down your body; then go hose off…spray your hubbie with some whipped cream and drizzle chocolate all over yourselves; laugh, smile, and get onto a whole new cloud….Truly….life is short; have a Ball!

  4. So glad we talked you off the ledge, Janet! I will never understand how we, as women, can be so helpful, inspiring and forgiving with everyone in our lives, EXCEPT OURSELVES! What is THAT all about? From one slow learner to another, life really is too short for us to treat ourselves so poorly. Welcome to the party, glad you could make it!


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