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Movin’ On (the end of a love affair)

It wasn’t a tragic ending. No big fight, not a lot of drama. Just the sudden realization that it’s over. I think we’ll still be friends – friends with benefits, even. I mean, I have needs. But the passion, for the most part, has burnt itself out.

I don’t know what happened. In the beginning, I couldn’t get enough. I think back on our first meeting – it was amazing!ย  Incredible! We had so much in common – a match made in heaven. I thought we would be together forever.

But slowly, the time we spent together diminished – we saw each other less and less often. And the time we did spend together was less rewarding. I stopped looking forward to our meetings.

So now I’ve had to admit, it’s over.

How did I finally know for sure?

Well, it dawned on me after the 3rd consecutive visit of spending less than $10 there may be a problem. When I left yesterday with nothing, I knew.

It’s a sad day. My love affair with Hobby Lobby is over.

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  1. Haha! So happy to hear that its NOT that good…We still dont have one here and I have yet to find one close enough over the border. I would hate to be really missing out:(

    • Don’t get me wrong, it was great while it lasted! I’m just over it. Or my taste is changing, or their buying lately hasn’t been too exciting…I don’t know.


  2. Whahahaha! Ohboy – you had me until ‘Hobby Lobby’!! So funny! hehehehe

  3. You’re funny. I have to admit that the little tidbit of your story that showed up on facebook peaked my interest. You’ll be back!!

  4. Me too! It has been weeks since I have stepped in the doors of Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or JoAnns (except to try to use a 40% off coupon on Stampington mags, but they are always already 10% off so I can never use my coupon : ( – I am not very happy with JoAnn’s right now). I am excited to see what comes from this major transition in your life!

  5. Ha Ha, funny! The excitement of HL wore off after a couple of visits. It’s pretty much the same things over and over. Besides that, I don’t need anymore clutter.

  6. I read the book written by the CEO, “More Than A Hobby,” and learned tons about how the store purchases and does inventory, etc. I must say I am less than impressed. I’ve never loved that they focus only on Christian decor… not one Channukah decoration to be found, ever. I understand they are private and can do as they like, but it turns me off. Yesterday, I talked with someone who works there and she hates it… her coworkers are not very friendly, to her or customers. There have been many times when I needed help and there was none to ask. At Michaels, workers are happy and outgoing and very helpful, so I prefer there. I also found a Texas Art Supply that I love! They have everything I could want and I’m happy. Catalogs from Blick also help. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The main thing I liked about HL from the get go was their home decor. Both Michael’s and JoAnne’s have really cut back on that. But now I find myself drawn in a big way to actual vintage, not fake vintage, so I’m finding little at ANY of the big boxes. As far as art supplies go, again, big boxes are my only choice locally, so I’m finding myself on-line. This recession has hit me where I live. All my favorite small stores are no more =[


  7. You crack me up! Totally had me hooked…I knew it was going to be something funny…reading fast to see what it was….Hobby Lobby…too funny! I felt the same way after living in Omaha for 4 years…so excited to live in a place that had one then visit after visit of seeing the same it kind of lost it’s appeal. Now that I have been without one for the past year I would take it again!

  8. You are such a tease!!! Loved your text! Funny, I ended up at the big M and J stores both yesterday; inventory is at an all time low; not very inspiring. But your “get rid of 1000 things” kept ringing in my head, darn you! LOL! Since I am buying mostly jewelry parts (tiny things) it won’t take up much room for long…(she rationalizes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know…it didn’t start out like that, but as I wrote I noticed I was sounding like a disenchanted lover, so I rewrote and went with it, laughing the whole time! I am a rationalizer myself…I am having a HARD time w/ the 1000 things. Now if I were at the vacation house…OMG 25 years of accumulation. I could do it pretty easily there. And will. Between the 2 house, should be doable.

  9. Mom you’re so funny. I was wondering WTH you were talking about.

  10. that was hysterical- knew there had to be a joke there just didn’t know what! I usually only go there to pick up some art supplies. It’s sad that there really isn’t anything that is close to me even though I live in the Atlanta area. I would have to drive an hour to Atlanta to go to Dick Blick or Binders. It would be great to have something near by in a pinch. If I’m organized I’ll shop online.

  11. Hi this is Nupur from BBTL. I was smiling as I finished reading. You wrote it well!


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