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Anyone Interested In Starting A Revolution?

I had an interesting (for lack of a better word) situation come up with my granddaughter today, that has me ready to embrace a new cause!

We were shopping for a little outfit for her to wear to the 4th of July festivities. I’m usually a little more prepared, but it sorta fell through the cracks this year. Bea has outfits that Hannah has outgrown, so she wasn’t an issue. She already had a couple of things to choose from.

Anyway, we ended up finding a cute t-shirt fabric blue ruffly skort and a red t-shirt with a flag on it, and a pair of red, white and blue flip flops. She was happy.

Then as we wandered around we found a darling pink “Hello Kitty” tutu dress w/ leggings in Bea’s size, not Hannah’s. Then a precious who-who nightie w/ matching nightie for a dolly, again in Bea’s size, not in Hannah’s. Most everything in Hannah’s size was either plain, skanky, or styled for teen-agers in smaller sizes. She was in tears.

She’s tall (not at all overweight) and wears a size 10, even though she is only 7. But her interests are still in line w/ a size 6x, the maximum size for being able to find “little girl” clothes.

I don’t understand why designers are in such a hurry for kids to grow up. Why can’t they just let little girls be little girls for awhile longer? They have plenty of time to try and look cool and/or sexy. They don’t need to start when they are 7 or 8 or even 10 or 12.

One of the dresses we saw in her size was a dark grey, straight, shift style t-shirt dress w/ a faded yellow peace sign on it. The brand name was “Mudd.” Hannah astutely said, “I can see why they call it mud, it looks like mud.”

Would it be too much to ask to have little girls clothes available up to size 12 or 14? Really?

Why isn’t there an uproar? Why are moms not refusing to buy this crap and demanding that stores carry clothes that are age appropriate?

I’m writing an angry letter to Kohl’s, but my letter is not going to cause a huge store like that to change their ways. I’m just not sure I have organizing a revolution in me, as much as I’d love to join one.

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  1. I totally hear you! My 13YO likes conservative things and is now in about a size 4, give that a try! Hoochie shorts that don’t cover your cheeks, teeny shirts, ugh, it’s awful. I may have to sew a few things for her…

    • I couldn’t believe all the “Daisy Dukes” available in size 7-16! And the lingerie-looking tops…I’m so not looking forward to the teen years. It’s bad enough now. The one thing I’m glad of is that she doesn’t LIKE the looks available to her. We still have a couple of stores where we can get reasonable clothes her size, but she’s in the largest size they carry right now. I don’t know what comes next, but it pisses me off that she has to feel bad about her height (body) at the ripe old age of 7.


  2. The store is a great place to start with a letter, but it needs to go to the designer of the labels and people just need to QUIT buying these items for their daughters and granddaughters. If they find they aren’t selling, maybe they’ll wake up and start producing clothes that are more appropriate. Now that I have a 9 year old granddaughter, I don’t want her to grow up any faster than she already is.

  3. I know a lot of parents who buy their kids clothes from Etsy and other online sellers who totally get the “fun, storybook” look kids want…Sad you can’t walk into a store to buy it, and trying to make it all yourself is not often realistic. I feel for Hannah….seems there is a market niche not being filled…An opportunity here?

    • I’m sure there is, but not for me. I’m pretty sure I need to cool my jets and enjoy life, It actually would be no big deal to just expand the sizes within existing lines. Whether it is that the stores don’t want to carry them larger, or they aren’t offered would be interesting to find out. Macy’s carries Christmas dresses starting at infant all the way up to size 14 in the same style. But even they don’t do it in every day clothes. I have no idea why.



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