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Oh No!

Well, I told you a few days ago about the gazzillion photos I ordered. They weren’t supposed to arrive until the middle of the month, so in my mind they went onto the back shelf.

Today I get a big old heavy box in from UPS, and I’m wracking my brain wondering what the heck I ordered.

OMG! It turned out to be my photos.

This is what 3000 photos looks like.

And this only gets me current with purchasing photos through December of 2011. I can’t even imagine how many I have taken the first 6 months of this year, now that I am so much more into photography.

If I had any doubts whether I would EVER get caught up on my scrapbook albums, I think I know now. It ain’t gunna happen. EVER.

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  1. wow! yep – wow! that covers it!!!

  2. Just one more thing to add to your list of projects. But I want to add HOLY MOLY!!

  3. Janet, what the heck? 3000 photos! I don’t even print mine anymore. I just organize them and then save to a disc. I do plan to have a few books made with some of the better vacation photos, but no more photo albums for me. Just looking at your big box of photos made my heart race and blood pressure rise. Good luck girl!

  4. cherishdesigns

    Holy Cow!! Totally amazed!!! At least you will always have something to do! Lol! 🙂 Kris

  5. I may be in your moccasins very soon…so many old photos, so little time. Even got one of those 35mm fancy negative scanners last year…and not surprisingly, It does not do all the work by itself. If your photos mean the world to you, as they do for you and me, it’s worth it. Have fun with it all!

    • This is only the last couple of years of behind! I didn’t start scrapbooking until I had been married for 25 years. I started albums in the beginning (the regular old terrible sticky page things!) and slowly the albums gave way to piles…I finally got them all sorted by year, but I dread trying to remember all the stories and actually getting them into albums. And that’s not even considering getting all the pictures OUT of the original albums before they are ruined!


  6. I know I wll be in the same boat sooner than later?

  7. haha Janet! I am in the same boat!! I am trying to play “catch up” also! It’s so easy to get carried away taking photos with a digital camera, unlike when you run out of film! I am so stressed out by the photos I need to print (baby days, birthdays, etc) that I keep putting it off.

  8. You are CRAZY! I haven’t printed full sets of pictures in YEARS! I only print them as I use them. I’ve even scanned all of my old photos so that I have them digitally as well. You must have spent a fortune! Do you then categorize them prior to doing anything with them?

    • About $300…ugh. Then I sort them by layout and put them in page protectors, along w/ any memorabilia that goes with them, in albums by quarter, waiting to get scrapbooked. Thank heavens I’ve kept up w/ having the memorabilia in the albums already, so all I have to do is add the pics.



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