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I used to do my photo processing through Kodak’s “Ofoto.”

It was a pretty good outfit. Prices seemed reasonable, and aside from one order where they COMPLETELY got the photos out of order and I had to spend literally days getting them reorganized, they did a good job, and I enjoyed doing business with them.

That is all past tense, of course, because Kodak sold Ofoto to Shutterfly, and the transition is to happen July 2nd. Unless I opt out, all my stored photos will be in the hands of the new company.

I like to think I handle change gracefully, but the truth is, when I’m used to something that I like, I don’t like change. At all.

So with the change that I can’t stop looming over me, I fooled around on the Shutterfly site. Lo and behold, this is going to be a good move for me, and the change is much less threatening.

Right off the bat, I get 2 free 8x10s and 40 free prints for opening an account with them. That’s cool. But what really has me excited is that they have a plug in for iphoto that allows you to bulk load photos easily, rather than the painstaking way it had to be done with Ofoto (not that it was hard for me, my daughter was in charge of that operation!) This is going to be sooooooo much easier, and since I have more time than she does, I’ll be able to take over this chore…I DON’T think she’s going to mind a bit!

I took one more spin through the Ofoto account and realized I hadn’t ordered pictures since April of 2010. I put together an order for everything from May 2010-December 2011. Holy crap. 3006 photos, and that isn’t even counting the “stock” photos I take of my work, and for the blog – just the ones I would scrapbook. I think I’m going to be sick. I don’t think I realized just how far behind on my scrapbooking I really am.

So, plug-in is loaded, and I’m ready to rock and roll! One more thing to add to my growing-by-leaps-and-bounds to do list…Oh my.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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