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Creativity? What Creativity?

Many of you may have noticed that I have not featured anything creative in awhile.

There’s a reason for that.

I have done almost nothing creative in weeks! I’ve skirted around the edges of creativity briefly (did my ATCs for my art group swap – but those were mostly done and all I had to do was finish work) but nothing terribly note worthy at all!

And I’m feeling it mentally. I’m starting to get a little grouchy – and a LOT antsy.

I’m ready to hit the studio. But it’s a mess, and I know if I go in there I’ll just start cleaning.

So, I brought my inspiration decks out to the gathering room to work on them (I have 3 sets of 52 to do for my art group deck swap next month) thinking if I don’t see the mess, I’ll be able to get going, but they’ve been gathering dust.

And I’m sorta feeling like scrapbooking again. The pictures from Yellowstone are awesome. I got them printed, but they are sitting there staring at me as well. I have paper I want to use, lots of pictures, fun embellishments…

I just can’t seem to get motivated to produce. Anything.

Even though I’ve given myself permission to work on anything I want, I just can’t seem to take the first step. There’s no excuse for this. I have the stuff. I have the time. I have the desire. But it just. Isn’t. Happening.

I only have Hannah for a few hours tomorrow and she’s working on an inspiration deck of her own. Maybe seeing her working will get me motivated. I sure hope so. Time’s a wastin’! Then I have nearly 4 days with nothing planned. Maybe if I make a bunch of lists of things I WANT to do, and dedicate the days to having lots of fun, I’ll shake this malaise. Cuz after that it’s nose to the grindstone to get the work for my internship done!

Wish me luck! And any advice for getting a fire lit under my booty will be appreciated! Heeheehee!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. May I suggest deadlines? I know you adore them! 😉 xoxoxo

  2. For me, when I am in this kind of place, I make myself sit down with some paper and paints, etc. and just start playing and before I know it I am on my way! It sounds bad that I have to make myself play, but that is where I am right now.

  3. That’s how I’m feeling about My Love of Creativity Journal pages that should have been done and sent in by now. The blank pages are on my table starring at me. Ideas, but that’s it. I think I’m just going to start and see where it takes me. I think you need to pick up a paintbrush and see where it will take you, too!

    • I’m kicking booty on my inspiration deck today, so I’m hopeful that will bleed over into the creativity journal pages! Plus, it’s a deadline. Ha! See, I DO need them!



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