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Ya Learn Something New Every Day

…or I could sub-title it “Yet another reason why I need to learn Photoshop.”

I ran into a little predicament on my blog. With free WordPress comes 3G of photo storage, a fair amount, I’m told. Well, I post nearly every day and am fairly liberal with my photos, so I wasn’t terribly concerned when I got notification that I had hit my limit and would need to buy additional space in my gallery if I wanted to post more pictures.

Then it occurred to me I might be posting high resolution pictures instead of lower resolution web-friendly pictures. When I put a photo into photoshop to check the resolution, I was shocked to see that it was 72 resolution…just the right resolution for the web, but not what I should have been shooting pictures at. So I went to my camera to see how I got it set so wrong.

Turns out, 72 resolution means little without knowing the picture size and file size. Yeah, I was shooting at 72 resolution, but that is at a photo size of 16×20. If you shrink the photo down to 2×3 or 4×6, normal sizes for my blog, it’s more like a 600 resolution! The file sizes were GINORMOUS!

So, I don’t need more storage space, I just need to go back and resize all my photos! OMG! I don’t know which is worse!

My friend Amy walked me through resizing on photoshop by phone, and I’m good to go. I figure if I resize a few every day, I’ll be able to keep blogging away, photos and all for quite awhile without driving myself too insane!

Ya learn something new every day. I guess that’s a good thing.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. We do learn something new everyday, and thank God, right? Even the things that are learned the hard way, at least we learn. Looking forward to more photos from your life.

    • I’m getting (or have gotten) to the age where learning new things is very important, but I’d prefer to learn them the easy way, BEFORE the work to repair the mess is so big. But, I am still capable of learning which makes me happy. Lots of people my age wouldn’t even attempt to learn photoshop. I’ll try not to disappoint!


  2. You should be able to create a shortcut key in photoshop which will do multiple actions at once, then you will just have to open, hit whatever F key you choose and save and be done.


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