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A Tattered View of Yellowstone

Everyone has seen all the normal Yellowstone icons…Artist’s Point, Tower Falls, Mammoth Hot springs.

And I took plenty of pictures of all of those things.

But I found myself obsessing on the oddest things, and decided that’s the way I see things…through a tattered lens. I’m playing with some ideas for a series called “Life Through a Tattered Lens” that would be sets of photos that represent my little oddities.

Here are a few from this trip…

The Grand Tetons from the inside of the Jackson Ranch Lodge

Buffalo poop – the girls wanted to bring it home!

A metal grate in the parking lot eaten away by the acidic fumes from the fumaroles

The bark of a pine tree

A walkway on the North Rim Trail

One of MANY odd rock formations

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Funny about the buffalo poop. I would expect that from boys, instead.

  2. Clare Docherty

    Your idea for the series of photos sounds great! Yellowstone looks like an amazing place. Cxx

    • Clare! Where have you been hiding out, girl? I’ve missed you! Yellowstone is awesome. It is the perfect blend of scenic beauty and critters. As beautiful as it is, w/o the animals it would lose much of its appeal for me!


  3. I tend to take the same kind of photos…my family just laughs at me :0)

  4. I love Yellowstone come to South Dakota we would love to have you vist!!!!


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