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Buffalo Jams and Red Dogs

As many of you are aware, we just spent two weeks in Yellowstone with our granddaughters (with a mid-vacation visit from Mommy.) It was a wonderful trip full of lots of firsts and terrific surprises.

The four of us flew to Salt Lake City and rented a 28′ motor home, then drove the rest of the way to Yellowstone. It was quite an adventure for the girls. They loved the idea of being like a turtle, carrying our home with us! Hannah got to sleep in the loft, and Bea was excited to see the kitchen table make into a bed for her! She laughed and laughed at the thought of sleeping on the table!

The girls have both been to Yellowstone before. Hannah was nearly 5 and Bea was just 18 mo. Hannah remembers parts of it, but Bea doesn’t remember it at all. Last time we were there in the Fall, and we discovered that Spring is much different. There is much more water, and the green color is so bright, it almost hurts your eyes!

The girls were hoping to get caught in a “Buffalo Jam” the Yellowstone equivalent of a traffic jam. Buffaloes have the right of way, and for some reason, seemingly love to walk down the road. We were treated to a great one on our way into the park on our very first day. One thing we noticed right off, was that there were no babies in the herd, ditto the second day, when we got into another buffalo jam.


Several times we got scary close…


This is right through the window, no magnification!

One of the things we noticed that was way different than in the fall, is that buffalo still had much of their winter coats, which were starting to come off. They spent much time rubbing against trees to help get the fur off.


On the 3rd day, there were babies all over the place. Mr. Tattered spotted the 1st ones, but he thought someone had let their dogs loose. They were romping around and chasing each other. Turned out, those were baby buffalo, nicknamed “red dogs” by the Rangers, and they were less than 24 hours old. We were thrilled, and spent the rest of the trip watching them grow!






We just LOVED the Red Dogs!

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  1. What an experience and memories for your granddaughters! I’ll bet they were in awe with all the sights!

  2. What precious memories you make, and your writing abilities make it so extra special~ What a lucky family you have….

    • Thank you, Rhonda. We’re the ones who are lucky. Not all grandparents get to have this special bond with their grandchildren! I have very fond memories of the very few times I spent with my grandparents, and we’re hoping these little trips will be something they remember their whole lives.


  3. Wonderful pictures, Janet! What a great time to share with your granddaughters!

  4. Isn’t that the coolest? I remember the first time I went out west, seeing a sign for Buffalo Overlook, and I thought that was a cool name for a town. But it was really an overlook so you could see the Buffalo!! What an amazing trip- your grand-daughters are so lucky!! I want to be one of them 😉

    • Aw, you’re so sweet! Next year we’re taking them to Alaska to see the bears…after that, who knows? I’d like to take them to Scotland, but I don’t know if their parentals would allow us to take them THAT far!



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