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Garden Overview

Well after a whole month of showing you the individual plants in my garden, I thought you might like to see an overview of how they fit together.

It’s really quite a small backyard, but since we didn’t need much in the way of grass, we maximized the area for flowers. There are many times I wish had more space, but truthfully, it’s about all I can realistically handle.

This is my view as I drink my coffee in the morning…not too shabby.

Love the lushness…can hardly believe the hot pink petunias started out as a 4″ plant last fall. They’ve gone CRAZY!

I really like this delicate little area.

I like the addition of different types of containers…

Just love this view.

Tomorrow I’ll highlight the non-floral treasures in my garden.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Love your view. After being in WI for a week there are times that my heart longs for a house, yard and garden again instead of my tiny apartment in the city that never sleeps. Seriously though, I am a person who likes the extremes – beach or mountains, city or isolated country – the burbs would never work. Your garden is gorgeous – I love that you decided to do these overview/summary photos. Beautiful!

  2. Good morning Janet! I LOVE your garden view!! So jealous! I think once I have a place of my own again I’m going to have to have you fly over and put your magic to work over here;D Have a great weekend!

  3. lindakaysart

    You have a lovely garden Janet! I am so glad you shared it here cause I really thought you had acres and acres of land. You did a nice job of landscaping and it would be a joy to have you show me around it someday.

  4. Thanks for sharing the beauty! It has been a joy to follow and see what flowers look like again. Here in C.O., May is the month it starts to be green again let alone flowers. Though a few ground cover flowers bloom and of course the rabbit brush is yellow. Our petunias just got planted (outta 4″ pots). They die through the winter here! Your garden is just beautiful and what a difference from February! Enjoyed!! (a thought: maybe we shoulda branched out into landscaping at MFT! You have a gift!) Blessings!

  5. envious of your beautiful garden… I have a huge yard that has been mostly grass for the kids, but now as they are growing and leaving I imagine a huge English garden full of rambling beds. Ah well someday. You garden is very lovely, it was fun to enjoy it vicariously by blog this morning as it is grey and rainy here today.

  6. So beautiful, thanks for sharing it!

  7. Your garden is gorgeous and you took some fantastic photos! Once again I will say, I don’t know how you do all that you do. I know a beautiful garden like that doesn’t just happen by itself!


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