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Just Being… and May Flowers Day 27

Wow! We’re nearly to the end of of 31 days of May Flowers. I wasn’t sure at the beginning of the month that I would have enough different flowers blooming to show you a new one every day, but as it turns out, I’ll even have some to spare!

Today, I’d like you to meet my Zinnia. These are a snail’s favorite delicacy. Fortunately we seem to have a small snail population so far this year, plus I’ve gotten over my hesitancy to kill the little suckers, so I’m on them faster. Last year I thought we might be able to compromise, and they could have some of the plants, and I could have some. But they had different ideas, and wanted them all. I had to come to terms with the fact that I could let the snails live, or I could have a garden, but not both. So, I’ve opted to have a garden. I put out snail bait, and so far I’ve only lost one of my plants.

I love the hot orange color, and the prolific blooms.

Check out the offerings from the others participating in May Flowers by going over to Lori’s blog.


I got out into my garden a little late this year, but I’ve been making up for lost time in the last week. I’ve been strapping on a back brace to help take the pressure off when I’m bending and doing light lifting. It’s helped a lot, and I’ve gotten a lot done – pruning, weeding, rearranging, planting, watering…I love it all, and I’d forgotten just how much.

Every day after I’ve finished up, I’ve poured another cup of coffee, grabbed my camera and gone out to sit and enjoy. The birds and the bees are out in force, and I love the sounds of the buzzing and chirping. Although we live in a neighborhood of houses fairly close together, it is very quiet. There is a big hill behind us that someday will be lined with starter castles, but for now it is mostly natural, and I can almost fool myself into thinking there is no one around for miles.

I’ve come to treasure this part of my day. I go over in my mind all the people and things I’m grateful for, make plans, savor the taste of my coffee, feel the warmth of the sun on my face…think. It’s good time. You’d have to know how busy I usually stay to appreciate how unusual this is for me. I’m normally fretting over my to do list, trying to make sure I’m doing, doing, doing, getting lots of things checked off. This is not productive time, at least in terms of concrete things accomplished. This is time for just being. And, surprisingly, I like it.

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  1. What I love about the garden is it empty’s my mind, I can forget all the things I am worrying about and just be. Glad your garden brings you so much joy!

  2. Janet, sometimes just being is good – it nourishes the soul! xoxo


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