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ATCs and May Flowers Day 25

Happy May Flower Day #25!

Today’s offering is Geum, a dainty little flower on long, stately stems that produce blossoms nearly all summer as long as you continue to “deadhead” or cut off the dead blossoms. I have them in both red and yellow, and just discovered a bright orange variety.

Have you been by to check out all the other flowers being presented on the main May Flowers Blog? My friend Lori Moon has been combining her art, architectural features and the flowers of NYC…

You’ll recall that I have talked about ATCs several times before…Artist Trading Cards? My art group does a swap every month. Each artist does 3 cards and mails them to the hostess, who then distributes 3 different ones to each participant. So every month, I get three little treasures in the mail.

This is one of the three I sent, all a variation of the same theme…

And these are the three lovelies I got back!

Thank you, Sally Rose, Kim Hyer and Carol Bray! They are beautiful!

I could never have full-sized paintings from all my artist friends (not enough wall space even if I could afford them!) so it is great to be able to have little samples!

Next month’s theme is “Mellow Yellow” and I have no idea what I’m going to do! Ha! Inspiration doesn’t normally hit me until the moment I need it!

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  1. Such a cute little flower. Great ATC’s. I am looking forward to going through my mail when I get home. Hmmm, maybe I should have Superman open this piece of mail though and send me a picture. xoxo

  2. So happy you got one of mine. I was planning on doing my mellow yellow this weekend, but after Mr. Cottage’s accident last evening and spending time in the ER, I’m hoping I can still fit them into my schedule before leaveing on my trip to CA.


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