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Craziness, New Reading Material and May Flowers Day 23

Wow! Day 23…I don’t know where all the time has gone, but thanks for sticking with me for the day after day visits to the garden!

I’m not really a rose fan. I used to like them a lot, but that was before becoming a florist and discovering so many much more interesting and less “ordinary” flowers. But as a gardener, I’ve come to appreciate the old- fashioned, English garden looking cottage roses. I have two varieties. You’ve already met my pinks, and now these are my reds. They are so prolific and vibrant. I just love how they make that corner of the yard pop!

As for my creative pursuits, they’ve been put on hold for a couple of days as I fight with Yahoo – I got locked out of my account for sending too many emails – suspicious activity, they call it. And of course, they don’t hire many human beings, and go to great lengths to make sure you can’t contact the few they do hire. I’d almost rather pay for it than have to endure being ignored so they can keep it free. Maybe that’s the plan…make us dependent, then crazy, then offer to make us un-crazy if we’ll pay for the service.

Anyway, I’m wrapping up one phase of my internship and it’s keeping me busy on the computer.

BUT, I got a delivery from Amazon today that is making me want desperately to get into the studio…one book from Suzie Blu…

and another from Melanie Testa.

They look yummy, but I’m going to try to wait to read them until I can give them my full attention. I’m not really sure how much actual reading I’ll be doing. Looks like serious eye candy to me.

So what are you reading? Anything I need to know about?

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  1. I totally agree with you about cottage roses vs proper formal rose bushes. My Mom has a wild rose bush that used to be my paternal Grandmother’s…hmmm I wonder if it is blooming? Have fun with your eye candy books. I have to say that reading for me is limited to magazines at the moment or the fiction novel before bed. xoxo

  2. carolbray047

    WOW, I just checked out these books on Amazon and they look amazing. I’m going to have to order these, I just know it. I don’t usually read these kind of books. I do a skimming and then I like to plow right in. We don’t have any roses at our house or the cottage. There’s just so many other beautiful flowers I would rather grow in our garden.


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