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The Amazing Duckling Rescue and May Flowers Day 22

I had the most amazing little adventure with a bunch of little ducklings this afternoon!

I was pulling out of my neighborhood, and noticed some tiny little ducklings walking along the center divider. I pulled over and noticed that mama and 2 of the siblings were up on the divider in the bushes, and the remaining 6 babies were trying to jump up, and just couldn’t do it. I watched as two more made it, but the last 4 were struggling.

I figured that they needed something to jump up onto to make it up, and drove home to get a piece of wood (and my camera!) I got back just in time to watch another one make it up.



The last three tried and tried, but just couldn’t make it. So I slowly slipped the wood up to the curb, hoping they would figure out what to do.



Mama came over and quacked softly at them. I like to think she was telling them what to do and encouraging them…



Finally they figured it out, and the first one jumped up.



Then there were two…



And finally the last one!



Woohoo! Success! I had hot lava pouring out of my heart!

Never could figure out where they came from (there’s no water close by) or where she thought she was going. By the time I returned home, they were gone. But it did my heart good that I was able to help them.

My flower offering for Day 22 is the Bellflower. It is a campanula, like the little mini flower I showed early on, but this is the big brother, and one of my favorites. They are so hard to find! They are supposed to be perennial, but again, some times they come back and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t I always fret about whether or not I’ll be able to find them. I went two seasons without, and I’m very happy to have them back!

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  1. Oh Janet – I love that story. I am a sucker for sweet animals, especially little cute ones! How great that you helped them:) I love you even more!


    • Aw, thanks, Jill. I’m a sucker for animals. I’m just glad I wasn’t in a hurry and had time to look after them. (Course, I probably would have stayed anyway, but this way I didn’t have to feel guilty!)


  2. Janet – love, love, love the duckling story. Also, I love that you grabbed your camera, took pictures and shared them. Too cute! (love the flowers too but the ducklings take the cake) xoxo

  3. carolbray047

    Loved this story! It reminded me of the one I followed last summer at the cottage and watching the newly hatched ducks follow their mama to the water for the first time. I got it all on my camera. Aren’t they cute!

  4. What a sweet story Janet. And so fun that you got good pics of the adventure as well. I don’t know what kind of ducks these are, but I can tell you that there are duck species (maybe several) that actually make their nests up in trees. Yes, up in a tree. We once suddenly had a mom duck and her babies in the middle of our backyard one afternoon. No water close to us. We had to corral them and take them to a body of water. We had dogs in the backyard and mom plopped those babies right in the middle of them. You should have seen us scrambling around trying to catch eight ducklings!

  5. I would have done the very same thing – it is so heartbreaking how man has invaded areas in such a way that wildlife are put in jeopardy. Da, Da, Da, Dah – Janet to the rescue!!!! Who needs Superman when you are close by : ) (Just another one of your everyday adventures – right?)

  6. Incredible story, Janet! I am a bird rescuer as well, and I know how it feels to watch them struggle, and to want so much to help. I love that the mama let you approach enough to place your chunk of wood, did she know you were helping? The hardest part is not knowing what happens to them afterwards. Feels like you have become attached to their story, and we all like resolution/happy endings. I choose to believe she brought them safely to their new home, and they will all grow to adulthood in a happy environment. If that makes me a sap, well, there you go, I AM! There is enough cynicism in the world to go around without me adding to it…Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m a sap, too, Sally. Every time I drive by I wonder where she took them. There is not a location any where near that makes any sense. Poor dears. She may be a young mama and not know what she’s doing yet…I need to stop thinking about it! I have enough to worry about without dreaming stuff up! Heeheehee!

  7. Janet you melted my heart on this post! And wow! Pictures too! Both sides of my brain are completely satisfied!!! And not only that… you have been totally impressing me with your technical skillz too. Way to go lady! You know, we are alot alike 🙂 Makes me smile ❤ K

    • Jeez, Karrie Ann! Thank you! They say that learning new things keeps your brain from decaying quite so fast, so I’m trying to stretch myself mentally whenever I can. I’m about to depart on a journey through Photoshop. I’m scared, but in an excited way. I hear it’s quite the roller coaster! Alike? Oh, Lord…I hope in only the good ways!


  8. magicinthewoods

    Beautiful story! I saved a little wren this spring in my garden and still think of her with a warm heart and listen for her song. Our encounters with wildlife are so magical!


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