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House Finches and May Flowers Day 20

Several years ago I added a little treat to my garden…a ball of special cotton for the birds to use for nesting.

At least two seasons went by with none of the birds having any interest in it – then all of a sudden this year we’ve found it laying in places it shouldn’t have been, and pulled out of shape. Finally last week we actually got a glimpse several glimpses of bird pulling tufts of cotton out and flying away with it. Yesterday we discovered where at least some of it has gone.

On the side of the house there is a little vent box, and a pair of our house finches have set up housekeeping in it.  (Mr. Tattered saw debris coming out of the box and went up to explore and took this picture with his iphone!) She’s laid 5 eggs!

Here’s mom and dad sitting on the fence waiting to feel comfortable enough to visit the feeder with me outside.

When I came around the corner to see the nest, mama took off and flew up onto the neighbor’s roof, the slowly worked her way closer and closer until finally climbing back into the nest.

We looked them up in our bird book and the eggs take 10-14 days to hatch, so we may have babies before we leave on out little trip.

On the May Flower Challenge front, this is day 20. Today I’d like to show you my Fransii. It is a fast growing drought tolerant shrub with a showy pink flower that is VERY common in our area. By mid-summer the shrub will be covered in flowers!

11 more days of the May Flower Challenge! Check out the other participants if you get a chance!

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  1. Janet, first your flowers are lovely. In my mind your garden is overflowing and lovely! Such a great idea to put out cotton for the birds to use in nesting. I love how it took years for them to know it was theirs. xoxo

    • I plan to do a series of photos on the final day showing the whole thing all together, kinda panoramic style, so you can see how all these individual plants work as a whole. It really is a lovely space and I feel fortunate to have it.

      I had about given up on the cotton. If they hadn’t used it this year, I probably would have abandoned the idea, so I’m glad they figured it out. Now I’m researching some container ideas to put out for them to nest in.


  2. carolbray047

    Love seeing that the birds finally used your cotton. We had ducks last summer at our cottage who made a nest. It was exciting to see the baby ducks after they hatched and followed mommy down to the water for their first swim. It will be exciting for you to see the babies after they hatch.

  3. Oh this is lovely. We made an owl box a year or two ago for a homeless owl getting tormented by the day birds. As of yet there has been no takers. We shall defiantly leave it up now. Happy hatching.


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