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May Flowers Day 13 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome to my 13th offering from my garden!

31 days of May Flowers is the brain child of Lori Moon, my friend and extraordinary photographer. I’m so glad she came up with this idea. I love photographing my garden, and enjoy sharing the photos, as well. This is the perfect opportunity!

Today I’d like to show you my wild lilac. This bush is so full of blooms right now! I love the periwinkle blue color – not an easy shade to find!

Today I had one of the best Mother’s Days ever.

Mr. Tattered decided all on his own to fix brunch for the moms (me and my daughter) so of course, that included our son-in-law and granddaughters, as well.

He fresh squeezed orange juice and cracked open a bottle of the pineapple champagne we brought home with us from Maui to make mimosas with just a hint of pineapple taste. They were perfect over a bit of crushed ice! Even the girls had their orange juice in champagne glasses. They felt so grown up!

That was followed by fresh, organic fruit salad he prepared all by himself, and then his world famous blueberry pancakes, warm maple syrup and soy sausage patties! And of course a cup of the best coffee ever (he’s got it down to a science!) Everything was delish, and prepared just like we like it. It was so much nicer than battling the crowds and noise and enduring terrible service for stuff we don’t even like all that much.

On top of that he got us each a lovely card and bouquet of flowers. We felt VERY spoiled!

Next up we grabbed a few photos out back of all the girls.

Finally my daughter and I slipped out for a mani/pedi complete with paraffin foot treatment, and off to the movies to see “The Lucky One,” a great chick flick we enjoyed very much. It’s been awhile since we’ve had any alone time, and it was really nice to just visit and catch up.

The only way it could have been any better would have been if my son and his family could have been there, but they’re just too far away for two weekends in a row, and they were just down for Bea’s birthday.

Anyway, it was a GREAT day, and I wanted to make sure my man got props for a job VERY well done. Only problem is, we’ll be expecting an encore performance next year, and of course he’s raised the bar for Father’s Day! How are we going to top that?

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  1. Janet, it sound like you had a glorious day! Great photo of you, your daughter and grandchildren. Lovely! I also love that periwinkle wild lilac. WOW Thanks for joining this month!

    • Thank you (for the gazzillionth time!) for hosting it! It hit me right where I live (as it did you, or you wouldn’t have done it!) I’m having a ball, not to mention that I love the structure of KNOWING at least a part of what I’ll be writing about each day.


  2. carolbray047

    Sounds like your day was really great. Love the periwinkle lilacs! Very beautiful.

  3. Your liliacs are so wonderful! Glad you had such a wonderful day.


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