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Lessons Learned? …and May Flowers Day 11

My friend Lori Moon, who you must know by now is hosting this flower challenge, and I have lots in common, and are frequently giggling about the similarities between us, even though we are generations apart in age. Often times our blog notifications pop up only to discover we’ve had the same thing on our minds that day.

Today, she did “chives” for her flower, which is exactly what I had on tap for tonight. I laughed and started thinking of plan B, but decided to stick with the chives, instead. It was what was real, and the giggle is worth being thought a copy cat! And we did have a bit of a different take on them…hers are photographed at the farmer’s market and mine are growing in my backyard, and she followed her photograph up with a lovely piece of artwork. Check it out!

I sure love the blurry background effect!

Do you ever wonder why there are some lessons you seem to need to learn over and over and over? Why can’t we just learn them once and be done with it?

There is a saying about mistakes that I like, which makes me wonder about lessons “learned.” That is, “The first time, it’s a mistake. The second time, it’s a choice.”

So, if we need to learn the same lesson over and over, are we really “learning it” in the first place?

I’m thinking maybe not.

I’m wondering if, once we’ve successfully gotten ourselves out of a pickle, and congratulated ourselves for having “learned” a lesson as a result of it, do we just forget about how close we came to disaster? Or do we figure we survived it last time, so we give ourselves license to do it again, knowing we’ll probably survive again?

What makes me think about this tonight? I just went out into the garage barefooted. Seriously. Hello? I could probably think of a dozen stupid things I’ve done more than once, but I’m too busy shaking my head over this one. I thought I would be more careful, at least until the visible wounds were gone… Maybe old habits just die hard, and I actually WILL learn if I remind myself enough. Eventually.

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  1. carolbray047

    OH NO!! What were you thinking or not thinking?? Shoes, Janet!! It’s a habit you’re going to have to recondition yourself to.

  2. Great minds think alike. So, so funny that we have so many similarities. Love it! Thanks for joining in my flower fun this month!

  3. Clare Docherty

    Janet, you are a mad woman! But on the other hand, why worry about a little snake, right? (lol!!!!)

  4. funny your post should be about lessons learned today as I am bust scrambling to be ready for an open studio tour this weekend… a tour I do every year and am always scrambling to get ready for. Yep – lesson NOT learned hear either!


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