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Family Crafting and May Flowers Day 3

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Welcome to Day 3 of May Flowers, sponsored by my friend, and fabulous photographer Lori Moon. This month is her celebration of flowers, and if you scoot over to her blog, you’ll find links to all kinds; photos, drawings, paintings… Some people are doing different types on different days. I chose to make my contribution a tribute to my garden by featuring a photo of one of my flowers each day. I STILL haven’t counted to see if I have enough varieties to show one a day for 31 days, but I figured if I run out, I’ll use it as an excuse to plant more! Each day when I go out, I discover something new about to bloom, so I may make it!

Today I’m showing my Campanula nestled into one of my favorite cherubs.

It is well known family lore that the “artsy/craftsy” gene skipped a generation in our family. I have it, and my granddaughters have it, but my daughter never showed any interest, and we all just assumed she had no ability.

Well, come to find out, she can do it if she wants to!

Hannah picked up a great magazine awhile back with tons of kids crafts in it. She went through it and dog-eared the pages she wanted to do (which was a large portion of the magazine!) One of those projects was a cute butterfly snack.



Mama and the girls decided it would be a great treat for Bea to give out to her pre-school friends on her birthday, so they got to work glittering clothespins, gluing on wiggle eyes, making antennae, and stuffing snack bags with goldfish cracker snacks.

Mama was quite proud that she (and her trusty sidekicks) were able to accomplish all of this without a bit of help from Gawgs!







Today was the big day! Bea was so funny. For the first day ever she was happy to go to school. She was so proud of her little treats and could hardly wait to pass them out!

And best yet, Mama had a successful crafting project with the girls! Woohoo!

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  1. The little purple Campanulas are lovely!! I like the way you crafted the little birthday treats!

  2. Beautiful butterfly treats for the children done by your daughter.She is creative! and I love cherubs in the garden. They somehow ‘fit’ in our gardens looking over the flowers. x

  3. Janet – you’ve introduced me to a new flower. Campanulas are adorable. I love that your daughter did a craft project with her girls. Beautiful pictures of your family.

    • Yay! I thought you knew them all! Aren’t the darling little things. They are the cute little cousins of the taller “bell flowers” I haven’t been able to find in years.


  4. carolbray047

    Love your Campanulas, such dainty looking flowers and I love the cute project that your daughter made with her girls.


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