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Great Day!

We had a wonderful day at Monterey Bay Aquarium…

The girls had a blast! There was so much to see and do. Although it is a great place for grown-ups as well, they have a have a fabulous set-up for children. I am so impressed with the way they use technology to make learning about sea life so much fun.

The Jellyfish exhibit and the sea horse exhibit were the girl’s favorites. The jellyfish came in so many sizes and colors. There was a cool display where you could use a touch screen to draw a jellyfish, then when you had it just the way you want it, you hit a button and it showed up on a big screen swimming through the ocean. They did it over and over.

In the seahorse are they discovered that the male seahorses are the only animals where the males have the babies. I thought was a GREAT idea! Again there were so many different sizes and colors. In the game for this section, you used controllers to make your sea horse blend into his surroundings before the big fish swam by and ate him. Bea didn’t like the bad fish!

We got a window seat for lunch and were entertained by a sea otter who swam by, a pelican, and numerous other sea birds.

Then it was off to the “touching pools”…


There was a whole lotta laughing goin’ on!

My poor back is soooooo not happy with me, but it was worth a little agony to see them so happy!

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