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Ta-da! I Have Tattered ‘n Worn Christmas trees!

Well, I finally finished the Christmas trees I’ve been working on for what feels like FOREVER!

They’ve been sitting on my table waiting for their stars, and I have just NOT been able to find what I want. Today I decided I was tired of waiting for perfect, and opted to make do until I can find what I REALLY want.

I am sorta crazy about them. Well, maybe more than sorta. I tend to get kinda full of myself when I do something I really like, and I really like these! Here they are in their place with the tattered ‘n worn angels!

I may have to watch for spectacular sales on lace and doodads and bases through the year and put some in my Etsy store next year…

This morning I got the girls dolled up in their Christmas dresses and we went in search of Santa…Bea volunteered that she wasn’t afraid of him this year, so that was good! She was very animated as she described the “Prince Daddy” doll that she wanted to go with her Cinderella doll, showing him with her hands how tall he needed to be. I’m sure he had no idea what she was talking about. I mean, how many girls call Prince Charming “Prince Daddy?” (All men are “daddys” to her!) Hannah, unfortunately, got the word about Santa from her school mates last Christmas, but she played along, asking for her American Girl doll. It was quite sweet.

For those who follow my craziness, doing the cookie trays for the neighbors won out, so tomorrow I’ll be up to my arm pits in flour, sugar, butter, chocolate, chopped nuts, coconut, marshmallow whip and who knows what else! The pressure is on, but truly, that’s when I do my best and most productive work!

Tomorrow is also the day the girls will be working on their gifts for Mommy and Daddy (yikes! I almost wrote what they are, but Mommy is a lurker around here…I’m glad I remembered! Whew!) I hope I’m not spending the same time 2 or 3 times…I do that on occasion!

Oh, and one more thing…I found the cutest birdie ornament! It reminds me both of my fly tribe, and to be brave.

Hope all your holiday preparations are coming along as you’d hoped, and that you are taking time to ENJOY the season of good will.

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  1. Your trees really are lovely and look right at home with your angels. Great photo of the girls and Santa! Hope your Holiday is fantastic!!!!!

  2. Janet! I love the trees! They are wonderful, I have no idea what you thought you wanted more on them, because they are just perfect, or imperfect as they can be…Your girls are very cute, and I love that you are helping them make they’re presents. You seem to get so much pleasure out of the holidays, it warms my heart to read. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Sally! I wanted to do a different star on each tree, and was hoping for at least one rusty one. Maybe one all glittery. They’ll do for now! I’m glad I’ve warmed your heart!


  3. Janet – I love the trees. Yes, I encourage you to have some in your etsy store next year – and if not I may just need to place a special order. πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas, my friend.

  4. Janet – your trees are a delight to fabric lovers everywhere – so pretty! I love the santa you took your girls to – he looks like the Very Real Santa to me. and the little birdie could have beenmade for our fly tribe!! I can’t wait to get stuck into making my Christmas yummies (vanilla and chocolate fudge, grapefruit and lime curd, mmmmmmm!) – just one and a bit days of the day job to go!!!
    Clare x

    • Thank you, Clare! I thought they turned out pretty cute, and yeah, he was a fairly realistic looking Santa! The girls are unwrapping kisses and sorting m&ms for more reindeer noses. we decided to put those on the cookie trays, too, since they are a new family favorite. Then we’re off to the store for supplies and a baking marathon!


  5. Your trees look wonderful! I don’t blame you for wanting to make more. Once again, those girls are SO precious. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Love your trees! May want one for myself for next year. The girls look wonderful in their photo with Santa.


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