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New Goodies for the Garden

Blogtoberfest Day #28

During my first visit to Hobby Lobby I picked up a few new goodies for my garden, and got them out yesterday, along with taking a few pictures of the remaining flowers, and doing some much-needed weeding.




I love the growing season in this area. For many of my perennial flowers I get a bloom in the spring or summer, then a bonus bloom in the fall. I keep forgetting it is going to happen and it always takes me by surprise! It’s kind of nice to get one last “hurrah!” before the cold weather sets in.


The pyracantha berries are about ready for the birds to eat.


The nemisia is really vibrant!


The zinnias are at their peak.


The rudbekia are gorgeous,


and even the gardenia are giving an encore performance! Wish you could smell them!

As much as I love fall, I’m a little sad to see it here because it means winter is right around the corner, but I am thankful for the cooler days so I can be outside more often, and of course, sleeping temperatures are REALLY nice. No more air conditioner and windows wide open letting the chill of the low 40 degree nights in… After a whole summer of just a sheet on at night, pulling up a blanket feels snugly.

Next Tuesday (11/1/11) is blog-hop day for my art group, and I’ll have a list of a bunch of my fellow flier’s blogs for you to peruse should you be inclined!

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  1. I too love the “surprise” blooms of fall. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  2. Ah, beautiful flowers. Sadly, our pyracantha suffered this summer (almost lost them) so no bright berries for us this year. The Texas summer heat was a real killer this year. At least I have my water lilies. 🙂

    • I feel bad that we had our mild summer at your expense. I have a girlfriend in a different part of my life who lives in the midst of the fire area (almost lost her home) so she has kept me up on the devastation there… Hope next summer is better for you!

  3. I’m so envious!! All my fall flowers turned to icicles – the high is in the 50’s today, but there’s a lot of snow and ice left – tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60’s – yeh!!!! I am so enjoying the color in your garden. I think I’ll be going back and looking at this some more!

    • Well, there are a few houses for sale in the neighborhood at ridiculously low prices in comparison to what we paid! Can you imagine how much trouble we could get into together??? Mine could be icicles by the end of November, so I’m grateful for ever day I have them. But at least they will never be buried in snow!

  4. Janet! I am so excited! I just figured out how to leave a comment through my WordPress phone app! Yahoo! Your garden is absolutely beautiful! 🙂 love the photos of your flowers! 🙂


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