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A Little Recharging – Part 1

Blogtoberfest Day #9

Every once in awhile, it’s nice to take a few days and just plug in to some place exciting. For me, that was this past weekend spent in San Francisco.


The view of the Bay from our room.

We went down on Friday and checked into our room, then headed out for dinner at Millenium, a vegan restaurant I had been itching to try out. It was fabulous, so made for a great start to the weekend. They offer cooking classes several times a year where you start by going to the Farmer’s Market, then bring back what you select and cook away. That is definitely something I’m going to do, especially now that I’ve been to the market!

Saturday morning brought a visit to the Ferry Building, newly refurbished into shops, and home to the giant Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Farmer’s Market. Oh, my! The number of organic booths was astonishing, and their produce was beautiful. It’s no wonder the food at Millenium is so good, when this is where they buy their ingredients! Next time we’ll bring coolers and load up. But this time, I took pictures instead of indulging. Hope you don’t mind me sharing a few…


Gray Pumpkins! I didn’t even know there was such a thing!


My Husband is a major grape eater, so we did get a big bag of them!


Aren’t these chilies beautiful?


I liked this sign. Very country, organic and home-grown looking!


Everything was so fresh and healthy looking. How fun it would be to shop here and head home to the kitchen!


As I attempt to become vegan, this was a hard one for me…the wheels of cheese wanted me to eat them so badly! But I resisted. Not even a small sample passed my lips. I just smelled them!


I loved how the light and shadows fell on these squash and pumpkins.


Saved my favorite market picture for last. I may need to enlarge this one and frame it. The sunflowers were such a bright gold it was almost like looking at the sun!

I don’t think I could live in the hustle bustle of the city for long, but I sure like to visit. One full day was no where near long enough. And next time I’ll come prepared to do some serious damage at the Farmer’s Market!

Stop by tomorrow for some pics of our whirlwind tour of the rest of the city!

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  1. Janet, we visited San Francisco in May, and I have to say that the Farmer’s Market was an unexpected delight! Your pictures bring back memories of all that yummy-ness.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Connie! We have small Farmer’s Markets here, but they are NOTHING in comparison. I don’t know what could possible make the produce look so much better by the bay. I know the fruit and veggies at our markets are just as fresh, but I’ve never been driven to get out my camera!

  2. This looks amazing – Love your pics, so colourful and full of life! Wouldn’t mind another visit to San Fran myself – wonderful city!
    Clare x

    • Thanks, Clare! I'm getting ready to post some "normal" pics on today's blog…I'm sure you'll recognize them! I am extremely fond of London, and NYC then San Fransisco would be my third favorite…oooh, maybe fourth, I love Edinborough, too.


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